It is a new development carried out at the Campana Industrial Complex to be used in vehicles equipped with diesel engines and catalyst in the exhaust pipe - technology called "Selective Catalytic Reduction" or "SCR" - aimed to reduce environmental nitrogen emissions (NOx) produced during their operation.

Reducing the polluting effect of exhaust gases of diesel engines

Exhaust gases containing nitrogen oxides (NOx), one of the main components of air pollution, result from combustion in a diesel engine.

BUNGE TRACK has been designed to be injected into hot exhaust gases, and after undergoing a hydrolysis above about 180°C, it forms ammonia (NH3) according to the following equation:

(NH2)2 CO + H2O à 2 NH3 + CO2

In presence of the SCR catalyst, ammonia reacts with nitrogen oxides, according to the following chemical reaction:

4 NH3 + 4 NO + O2 à 4 N2 + 6 H2O

8 NH3 + 6 NO2 à 7 N2 +12 H2O

Thus, NOx is converted into Nitrogen and Water, natural components of the environment.

Protecting the environment

NOx emissions are a global concern, and consequently, several countries have started to develop regulations in this regard.

In Europe, for example, Euro IV and V are the governing rules. They define emission limits, which will intensify after the entry into force of Euro VI in 2013/2014, which will set the limit for NOx at 0.4 g/kWh.

Moreover, since January 1st, 2010 the United States has enforced guidelines US2010 by fixing NOx emission limit at 0.3 g/kWh.

And finally, Brazil will enforce PROCONVE legislation – Programa de Controle da Poluição do Ar por Veículos Automotores – during this year (2012).

In Argentina, current legislations are similar to Euro III’s, and it is foreseen that as from 2012, new vehicle homologations should comply with the rule for contaminant emissions, Euro V. Although this date has been postponed, it is estimated that it will be implemented in 2013/2014.

Some Highlights of our Product:

  • The quality of Bunge urea is excellent for its manufacture.
  • Applied procedures guarantee product Quality throughout the whole production, storage, and delivery processes.
  • We have a highly qualified team to manufacture the product.
  • Its logistic is reliable and safe.
  • We guarantee local market supply.