Terminal Bahía Blanca (Buenos Aires)

This is a company led by Bunge that operates elevators III, IV, and V at Ingeniero White Port. In addition, it operates berths 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Storage capacity is of 197,000 tons. Both Terminal and Port are connected by thoroughfare, with routes 3, 22, 35, 33, and 252, and provincial route 51. There is also an important railway diversion that allows the arrival of block trains. Additionally to the Terminal, the site has a parking lot for up to 500 trucks.

Buenos Aires
Ingeniero White
Cárrega Nº 3900 (Puente La Niña)
Phone number: 
0291 - 4573035
Zip code: 
Storage Capacity (tons): 

197,000 tt grains
Storage capacity for solid fertilizers: 2,000 tons
Storage capacity for liquids: N/A